Monday, May 15, 2017

The Commensal Station

The context

Is a mundane strategy of creating infrastructure program within architectural design in order to support the ‘new ritual’ of meeting and engaging through meal under the artificially natured ecosystem of 'adaptability'.  The ‘system’ is working in scales of adaptability from macro scale or urbanization to micro scale of organization in order to meet the proposal.

Meeting in unusual meals
Generally, people tend not to acknowledge the qualities and the small details of 'meal' as it is an everyday ritual. The collective drawing focuses on meals which describe and differentiate the situation where people dine in different places, within environments, and influences of cultures. Sometimes we’re considering meal to be a tool for a specific purposes so my interpretation of this diagram is to visually clarify by juxtaposing the variety of the typologies. The customization that  create different quality of experience through meal could be generated by certain behavior to cloths, equipments, and food.
Section; shows integration within the area

Fragments of exploded domesticity
Ploen Chit is a center of shopping complex, highrises, condominiums and especially commercial buildings, where people comes and go during the day and partly at night for work, relaxation, shopping, and restaurants. For the people that have relation within thin this area cooking activities is normally not at home. People tends to find their basic needs outside, but with the same environments, same restaurants and same group of people.  They might have to take public transport to go to places for other prefered choices of meals or different environment.

Axonometry shows situation at Mahatun Building

Commensal Cocoons (The design)
From my deeply engaging and analysing unusual meals relevate to people’s behaviors, plus the understanding of Bigbang Tower’s strategy, I have came up with a design proposal of an open system through ‘standard existed materials’ in order to produce  ‘architectural structure’ in non standard ways due to the purposes, which generate forms of ‘geometry’ that supports different   ‘organization’ of meals in order to conceive domestic system of adaptability within the complexity of Pleon Chit.

Synthetic Manifesto; mobile application sign up for community / events

The design has divided into 3 main parts, which provided the accessibility through mobile application or website in order to configured the desired meals.

The Structure
 The Enclosures catalogue
The Furniture & utensils catalogue

The ‘structures’ are prefabricated in one system to create varieties of formalizations due to certain purpose; isolate structure, jointing one another,  or even connected to the existing building for an access. These structure are easily assemble and disassemble within hours. Then, the  customization of ‘forms’ as inflatable structure that could varied in shapes and also given the flexibility of creating the interior atmosphere. The last part is the ‘organization’, which is the furniture or relevant elements that create spatial dialogue which incorporated with the people behavior the generate certain for both unseen and foreseen experience.

Perspective renders

Monday, May 8, 2017

Phase 3 :Camping Barn - a harvesting landscape device

Phase 3 :Camping Barn - a harvesting landscape device

Synthetic Manifesto

The three camping barns are bamboo tower located in flat paddy field landscape of several area of the old Tung Rangsit land or now in Klong Luang or Nhong Seuy, Pathumthani - suburb of Bangkok Metropolitan Area. The three designs are differentiate by the context; in the far rice fields, near villages and communities, and beside the pond. Being artificially natural, they contains an ecosystemic condition - “Regeneration” which means that elements/quality/function/program of the building change through time and will be replaced by new elements. In a broader scale,the towers play two main functions - hosting a small secular coming of age camp for children of 10-18 years old in camping months, and in off-camping season, accommodating people in nearby communities and preserving and storing rice after harvesting. In each floors, there are provided spaces for camping such as portable toilets, performance room, and dining space. At the ground, there are also plenty of spaces for outdoor activities and also infrastructures for processing rice after being harvested such as rice milling machines.  Those spaces will turn into spaces for relaxing for people in surrounded community when there’s no camp.
Contextual Document - Locations of three towers




Interior Perspective + External Perspective

Looking deeper in detail, these landscape tower are meant to be a pedagogical device that raise people awareness since they contains infrastructures that treat run-off polluted water from the surrounded beautiful rice fields and produce electricity from rice husks, left out waste from the process of rice milling. These infrastructures intervenes spaces throughout the tower and made them more meaningful as also a learning area for campers to learn and discuss about environmental issues as a part of the camp. One important space is the glowing fountain at the top containing clean water after being treated throughout stations in the tower and before sending back to natural water resources that also act as a campfire space at night as glowing bacterias shines in clean water. Moreover, another detail are the facade element that can be hang onto the structure to serve 5 functions due to users at anytime - rice drying, clothes hanging, rain protection, humidity protection for rice storage,  and mosquitoes and flying insects protections. Lastly, the lightness quality provided by constructing bamboo structures allows panorama view to be seen from the tower. They are designed to be reversible with steel bolts and nuts  and to be environmentally concerned as leaving the smallest foot print to the landscape.

Detail I - Water Infrastructures Intervening the spaces

Detail I.II - Rice Production Infrastructures  at ground: 
Rice Milling Machine + Electricity Generator from Rice Husks Wastes

Detail II - Reversible Joints and Bamboo

Detail III - Five Functions of Facades 

Detail IV - Zoom In Elevation View of the buildings

Physical Models
(Pics will come after as model is t the parade)



- The original BKK Destination -

- Supernature Synthetic Manifesto -

The destination of people in Bangkok had been changed through time according to the purpose of each area. Nana used to be the final destination of most of the foreigner in Thailand in term of the nightclub and restaurant. The ecosystemic that I choose is adaptability which I believe the Playspace Bangkok could be able to change the purpose of the site area.

- Supernature section -

- Supernature plan -

The idea is to bring most of the activity which understood as the extreme sport or the
alternative activity into the city which use the architecture to attract people and blend into the area of entertainment. The Playspace could consist of various activity which could promote people the physical fitness. By the site which is could be connected to the BTS station will provide the easy access for the people who interests.

 - Supernature Axonometric -

Sunday, May 7, 2017

SUPERNATURE - Phase 3:Space of Public Wilderness

Ecosystemic Condition: Seclusion


Rumination could be defined as a deep or considered thought about something.

By looking into the selected site of Suvarnabhumi Airport, some of the point of interest are the location of the airport in relation the Bangkok Metropolitan Area hydro-logical management system and the system in place to keep the airport from flooding.

Suvarnabhumi airport is located on a stretch of land at the endpoint where the Bangkok's eastern flood deviation zone are designated, which result to exposure of large amount of water discharge constantly. In order to manage these issues, the airport employed system of retention ponds, canals, and pump station the effectively minimize and protect the airport from water related issues.

With the upcoming construction of the new terminal building, the project is incorporated as a 
building inserted itself within the center of a newly created retention pond which would maximize the current capacity and also incorporated water into the architectural scheme of the airport.

The aforementioned physical conditions surely suit the spatial strategy of digging down in order to seclude from the surrounding.

Services parts and systems are also added into the general scheme of the project. These included the circulation system (stairs, lift), ventilation system (AHUs, Water Chiller, Air Supply), and water management system (pumps, fittings)



Light, acoustics and tremble are my three identified disturbances found excessively
around the site of RCA in its active hours. With the rituals happening during the time,
my design of the "training ground" starts to be formalized with design variables that would increase
the prone to these disturbances as the zen practicer becomes more experienced.

Synthetic Manifesto

Exploded Master Axonometric

Contextual Plan

Supernature Plan

Supernature Section

"Artificially Natural" Document: VR Renders

Run city run - marathon event

(purification / adaptability) 

contextual map - marathon route

supernatural plan

supernatural section

supernatural axon
Synthetic Manifesto

artificial supernatural doc.